The current education system in use has been around for over the decades. Although the overall education system might have changed in many ways the way students are being taught remains the same. A teacher is usually at the front and the students being seated is the optimal way to learn for some students. However, other people struggle in this environment.

When students, especially those who have to struggle to raise funds for their school fees and other expenses are forced to learn in a physical classroom, it becomes difficult for them. This is why online learning is gaining a lot of popularity in recent times. If you want to start online education, you should read online reviews about companies and cool gadgets through electronic stores to know the right products to buy and where to buy them.

Students learn the best in different styles. Some student learns and retains what they have learnt more through visual stimulation while others may learn best and retain what have learnt more through hands-on education.

The reality is that the educational system doesn’t accommodate any learning styles. The education system should focus on developing student’s innovation skills and motivation to become successful rather than aiming for high test scores.

In today’s education system, we have problems at the student’s level, we have problems at the teacher level and professional development is not effective as it should be. Children are rarely allowed to play, Play is stifled. Students are crammed into a classroom and aren’t allowed to harness their inquisitive minds. Creativity is restricted.

Being inquisitive is part of the analytic mind and a key to societal development. Critical thinking is key to creating free and individual minds.

One of the problems we are facing in today’s education system is that the students are taught to test it doesn’t matter if the information makes sense or not is irrelevant as long as it is correct. Most schools teach students what to think instead of how to think and solve problems.

It is important to know that each child is unique in their way. Children have different personalities and preferred ways of learning. Even children born out of the same parents do not exhibit the same character and do not learn or understand at the same pace talk less of a classroom full of students with different parents. The rate of understanding varies from child to child.

There are four learning styles include visual learners, reading/writing learners, auditory learners, and kinesthetic learners. Each student falls into different learning categories. When a student preferred a particular learning style, it is easier for the student to take in more information through that style when learning.

Students spend most of their time trying to improve their GPAs and not paying much attention to absorbing the information. Students memorize the most information to prepare for the test and once the test is taken and the result comes out well, the students disregard this information forgetting how hard they studied.

The potential solution in an obsolete education system is a revolution in the education system. Students should be able to impact what they have learnt and contribute to society positively.