Currently, videography is on the rise in the results of using a smartphone-like using a professional camera with a sharp focus area coverage on a particular object and a blur in the background. The term often used by videographers for video results is bokeh video or video with depth-of-field.

For those of you who are still laymen, surely you are wondering, how can cool bokeh videos be possible without adequate lenses and cameras? Technological sophistication and camera lens optimization on smartphones have brought mankind to the age of smartphone photography. This allows mobile device users to capture the moment using a smartphone camera with results that should not be underestimated in quality.

Although the results of bokeh videos from smartphones are not as sophisticated and smooth as professional cameras, you can maximize the best bokeh videos using a cellphone until they are equivalent to the quality of a DSLR camera shot plus a wide aperture lens. Curious how? Check out how to make bokeh videos with the following cellphone cameras.

Understand Precision Distance

The right distance range will affect the video bokeh quality from a smartphone camera. In general, to get the best bokeh video results, it is recommended that objects be located at a distance of 50 centimeters (cm) to 2 meters (m). The resulting depth of field effect will also be different.

Turn on Portrait Mode

It is popular in the smartphone market for mobile phones with more than one camera. Smartphones that have two cameras or dual cameras support portrait mode to capture the best bokeh videos more practically. Open the viewfinder and select the portrait mode option to activate it.

Avoid Transparent Objects

Although the results of bokeh videos using a smartphone are getting better and resembling a professional camera, some error details are still very disturbing. What most often happens is transparent objects such as glasses that are not perfectly focused, so that the blur effect is like being manipulated using digital applications and is not neat.

What needs to be considered, avoid photographing transparent objects without a background behind the object that is located close to perfect results. For another information please check here video bokeh museum.

Make sure the Focus is Locked

If you want the best bokeh video, make sure the camera focus on the object isn’t distracted. Lock objects precisely, and avoid shocks. Because if the camera focus is less precise, the background results will not look neat. Besides, if your cellphone only supports the bokeh effect with the help of software, some parts of the object will also blur.

Understand the Framing Concept

Placing objects in the middle of the cellphone can produce bokeh videos instantly, but the results of bokeh videos will be mediocre. Use guidelines or grids so you know how to snap the picture into a neat, symmetrical frame.

Choose the Right Background

It’s a waste of video bokeh capabilities from your smartphone if the background is just black and white or gray. Look for the right background like a fluorescent glow that looks beautiful when blurred.