The Christmas season is one where people are enjoined to share the love around and bond more with their families, friends, and relations. This Christmas presents you with another opportunity to get closer to your kids. You can buy them gifts to appreciate and celebrate their small feats and achievements. If you are in search of toy stores review to decide which toys are most purchased and which appeal to children, then you can try several review sites online.

After patiently waiting the whole year, Christmas is that magical time in the year where you could virtually cut the love in the air. Some of the most loved Christmas activities performed by the family include watching a Christmas movie for kids or playing a Christmas game for kids. Another breath-taking moment is when you have to read those amazing Christmas stories to your kids. There are a number of books out there that your toddler would enjoy you reading, some of which includes the popular, The Night Before Christmas, or the Polar Express. These are all interesting books and would sure captivate and capture the attention of your little kid.

Popular Christmas Books for kids

There are tips to celebrating Christmas and New Eve, one of such is buying gifts (in the form of books) for your kids. Some of the most popular Christmas books available include:

Santa Rex

This book is suitable for kids within the age range of 3 to 5 years. The book is authored by Molly Idle. The plot includes Cordelia celebrating her holiday with candy canes, hot cocoa, and dinosaurs. If you have kids that are fascinated by dinosaurs, then this book will surely interest them and capture their attention, also the book has illustrations which your kids will heavily fancy.

Christmas Parade

The book fits into the age range of 16 months and above. It contains different types of rhythms and instrument-playing animal marching bands (chicken with bassoons, ducks with trombones, and cows with saxophonists). The book was authored by Sandra Boynton. It is available in many book stores nationwide.


Suitable for children between 8 to 12 years. The Nutcracker features a young girl named Georgie who got the role she so admired; Clara in The Nutcracker ballet but with the turn of events, Georgie has to save her friend and more so herself.

All the Little Snowflakes

This book is suitable for children aged 16 months and above. The book is written for young children who love to interact with the things they see. The book includes die-cut snowflakes illustrated pages on the board book.

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Christmas Stories

You can get the book online, it is suitable for children aged between 6 to 10 years. The book was specifically written for younger readers. The book includes bonus material such as games and activities.

Pick a Pine Tree

If you’re in search of the perfect Christmas book, then you got to try this out. The book is suitable for children in preschool and upward. It comprises of different illustrations and rhythms. It leads readers on a nostalgic journey of the traditions of selecting and decorating everyone’s favorite holiday centerpiece.

All the Colors of Christmas

This book is suitable for kids in preschool and above. The book shows a diverse number of kids which exemplifies that Christmas is composed of all the colors of the rainbow and best celebrated together with the ones they love.

Under the Christmas Tree

This book is written for preschool children and up. The author, Nikki Grimes captures the details of being a child at Christmas time with over 23 poems exploring love and joy, families should experience during the holiday.

The Crayon’s Christmas

The age range for this book is between preschool and 2 years. The book is written by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers. The storyline is centered around a festive story with real holiday letters from Crayons that can be removed from their envelopes and other fun interactive elements.

Here Comes Santa Cat

The book is suitable for kids between preschool and 5 years. In the story, the cat hasn’t behaved too well this year, he’s sure Santa would skip when he goes around sharing all the Christmas goodies. In the book, the cat learns the spirit of gift-giving.

Red and Lulu

The book is suitable for kids, between preschool and 2 years. In the plot, cardinals Red and Lulu become separated, they’ll stop at nothing and go the distance just to find each other during this season of love.

The Snowy Day Board Book

Looking for a good Christmas book for your kids? Then you got to look this up. The book is suitable for children within the age range of baby to 2 years. The books seek to exhume the childlike feeling experienced when one steps out on the snow the first time.

The Nutcracker in Harlem

The book is written for kids within the age range of preschool and 3 years. The Nutcracker in Harlem is a retelling of the famous Nutcracker ballet, set in Harlem during the 1920s jazz renaissance.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Written for kids preschool and up, the book is said to help out with sparking up conversations about the true meaning of the season. If you have kids and your intention is for them to understand the value of Christmas and how to use it as a conduit to share the love and put smiles on people’s faces, then you have the right book on your hand.

The above are a list of amazing reads for the Christmas season. They are available in different bookshops and online e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and others.