Virtual learning has offered a flexible, adaptable, and reliable form of teaching. It means saving an awful amount of time that would have been spent commuting to and fro every day.

2020 saw a tremendous change with the emergence of the contagious disease; COVID-19 which undeniably changed the landscape of education.

Most educational institutions had to shift teaching and learning to online platforms with the restrictions and regulations put up to contain and control the contagious virus.

However, teaching online can be both beneficial and daunting. Meaning, there are both pros and cons of online teachers themselves.

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Online Teachers Can Be Reliable.

This is one of the perks that online learning brings by where teachers are reliable in that they are easily accessible.

Unlike normal traditional learning where if you would want to speak to your teacher or professor, you had to set out and look for their office where you wouldn’t have been completely sure if you would have found them or not.

This means either waiting for them for a certain amount of time, come again another time or schedule another meeting.

Online learning counters this matter since if you would wish to communicate with your teacher or professor, you can easily send a quick email and schedule a video chat if you would like to have a lengthy conversation.

Without a doubt, it eliminates the time you would have potentially spent wandering around looking for them.

Online Teachers are more Interactive

With learning based mostly online, chances of the teacher indulging students while teaching is better than through the normal traditional classroom setup.

This is so, for instance in areal-time video lecture, the teacher or professor has a good view of all their students on their screen and can easily spot students who are not completely attentive.

Therefore, they can easily probe students to make sure they are all attentive and will grasp as much information that they could during the lecture.

Also, with communication solely based online, teachers can easily get back on their students at any time whenever since they are simply an email away.

Online teachers bring out their personalities.

With the myriad of possibilities the online space offers, faculty members are allowed to be as creative as they can.

This is by including different learning materials such as videos, blogs, games, newsletters, journals, social media, and even animation in their lectures.

They are no longer confined to traditional classroom techniques. Students will be continually anticipating the next learning material that their professor will use and will be always attentive and involved during class.

Face-to-face interaction with the teacher.

One of the cons that came along with online teachers is the lack of social interaction.

With most students, the ability to interact with the teacher face to face or with even other students brings to life the feeling of being in school and learning.

Students most of the time feel out of touch when learning is carried out online by a teacher on a screen, probably miles away. It causes a feeling of inadequate social interaction within students.

However, there are ways teachers and professors can generate social interaction within an online platform.

They can put up challenges for students to solve or competitions. They can even create discussion channels or discussion forums to ensure students interact with each other and feel as if they are in a classroom setup.

Different subjects.

Some online teachers who teach complex subjects that involve practical topics might not teach effectively over an online platform.

Imagine teaching how to fly a plane online. Would you ever be a passenger on that plane?

Some subjects can be tough to understand online and even way difficult to grasp if the teacher or professor is not well equipped with materials or techniques to teach the course online.

Some teachers are best effective in teaching face to face rather than online.


It’s clear that online learning, more so online teaching has attractive perks and at the same time awful disadvantages.

More and more solutions are being brought by to counter all the drawbacks online teachers experience or have.